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Free money sounds amazing and suspicious at the same time, but why would anyone give free money..?

In recent years the chances of your jobs being replaced by a robot are increasing, and according to many reports within next 2 decades more then half of the basic jobs would br replaced by bots, and those people would have nowhere to go, this mass unemployment could creat an imbalance in the economy of a country, to prevent this from happening the government should increase taxes on industries with more automation and use that money to make the universal basic income viable.

In early 1970's president Nixon and many more almost implimented the concept of UBI but it was eventually rejected buy the Congress. Switzerland is now planning to give a basic income of $2500 annually to it's citizens.

Many may argue that giving away free money to people will make them lazy and unwilling to work and would spend most of the money on useless addictions, but here have been many pilot programs in countries around the world like India, USA, Canada, Finland etc. Most of them resulted with the poor people becoming more financially serious, and started new and different business, the only group who showed decrease in work hours is the teenagers as most t of them started getting a higher education, which is a good thing. And at last they were able to increase their standard of living.

A similar situation occurred in the roman empire when the citizens of the roman empire were being replaced by cheaper and more efficient slaves and more and more people were being left with no work, and then as it's result unrest began in the empire, after all this happened the king of roman empire started giving all the citizen of Rome free food & clothes after which the empire was again returned to peace.

Similar to this, just as citizens of Rome were being replaced by slaves, now a days again the working citizens are being replaced by robots. After all of this we should really prepare for future.

What are your thoughts about UBI....?

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