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Lately the trend of "Freemium" apps is on a rise, as more and more people want free apps and most of apps are available to download for free, then how exactly do the developers recover their cost to make the app.

A lot of time and money goes on to making an app, there are 2 main ways through which the developers can make money through, first is In-App purchases and second is In-App ads.

In-App Advertisements

The apps like Times Of India, MX player etc shows ads on their apps, and they depend on users to click in ads so they could make money, but this type of monetization could be affected by users using ad-block, also more ads could ruin the experience of the user and could also degrade the app quality, In-App advertising could be done through many services but the best option is google adsence.

In-App purchases

This is the more popular type of monetization among developers, most of the games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and many other games follow this method, this could be done in many different ways like making players buy more energy to continue playing or buying gems or coins to buy stuff in the app.

these are the two most popular ways to make money through apps, there are many more less used ways to make money, like apps like Watsapp don't show ads on their app neither do they pay you for something in the app, so how is watsapp worth billions of dollars.? this is a topic for another time, for now start making apps, and do comment below which way do you prefer to earn money.

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