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In the past year Player Unknown's Battle Ground and Fortnite have taken the gaming community by storm, Each and every gamer loves the new "Battle Royale" modes of these games. But however widespread and in-demand theses games are, very few people know how these games came into existence, so let's talk about it.


   In the year 2000 a Japanese movie was released name "Battle Royale" based on Japanese novel of the same name, this is where it all started, for a while it was a cult classic as it wasn't released in USA till 2011, this and made people wonder about what they would do in this situation. Soon Hunger Games released and this only added onto the peoples urge to get a "Battle Royale" game.

   One guy named Brendan Greene took this demand of people seriously. He is a former Irish photographer who loved gaming and later on he started making gaming mods for games like ARMA3 and DayZ. Soon a South Korean company showed interest in the Battle Royale genre and hired Brendan, Hence this way Player Unknown's Battle Ground was born, and now Brendan is known as the "Player Unknown" among the gaming community.

  The inspiration behind PUBG and other games like these is the Japanese movie called "Battle Royale". The story line of this movie was, a class of about 40 students is dropped on an island and were given a time-limit, and the only way to get out of the island alive is to be the last person standing before the time runs out, This and other movies like hunger games lead people to think about their take on this situation. This ultimately lead to a humongous demand of a "Battle Royale" game.

   PUBG wasn't the first one to bring the Battle Royale type of game play, but it surely was the first one to be widespread and famous, and since it's been release on 23rd march 2017 it's shows no sign of slowing down, and with time PUBG has been adding more features and adding more maps, currently there are 2 maps in PUBG but they've said to add more with time and recently Tencent games made a deal to launch PUBG in China and they also made a free to play mobile version of the game , with the explosion of PUBG Epic Games announced a Battle Royale mode for their game "Fortnite".

   For some time PUBG seemed to be unstoppable, but recently "Fortnite" from Epic games just exploded and now everyone is playing and enjoying Fortnite, and it just crossed the revenue of PUBG. The future of both Fortnite and Player Unknown's Battle Ground looks really good and they both seems to be unstoppable.

   Comment below which one do you like more, PUBG or Fortnite. and so let me know whether you would like me to make a "PUBG vs Fortnite" blog. 



  1. Nice share.Fortnite game is very popular game because of its concepts and amazing features.Also it is free for android device.
    visit the website

    1. Thanks, A major factor in Fortnite's success is that it's free, but it is not yet available for Android users.

  2. Fortnite game is popular game in 2018 because of its concepts and amazing features.It it multiplayer section game so you can all enjoy the battle Royale together.you can find more about fortnite battle royale.

    1. Yes, it's also famous for it's building features, which allows players to be creative..!


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