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So you think turning on that incognito mode in your browser will save you from the government and other advertising companies from spying on you, well that's not the case, Below i'll explain who spy's on you and why.

  After the tragic incident of 09/11, american people started demanding more security and government agencies started to gather information and spy on people ( both american/non-american ),after 09/11 President George W. Bush passed the USAPATRIOT act ( United Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 ) which is also known as Patriot Act, this act was swiftly passed just after 45 days of the incident.

   The Patriot act has been subject to controversy, although it was intended to prevent terrorist attacks it is accused on violating basic american civil liberties, it grants FBI officials to sweep cell phone data (like call records, text messages), browsing history, medical histories and much more secretly ( without the consent of that person ), you might say that if it's been used to catch bad people then why is it bad, but this power provided to the officials could easily be misused by them to charge an innocent person. The Patriot act also allows for indefinite detention of anyone ( even non US citizen's ) without probable cause.     

   The new power's provided to officials after 09/11 could also be used to impose guilt via association. The FBI goes through all the immigration records to differentiate all the arab and muslim citizen's on the US, on this basis 80,000  individual's were required to register, 8000 were called in for FBI interviews, and another 5000 were locked up in preventive detention, among all of these suspected citizen's not one terrorist was found, how the government collects and stores data was made clear after the leaks of Snowden documents in 2013 ( click here to know more ) , these leaked documents showed how the NSA can demand any information from companies like Microsoft and Google in addition of their daily collection of data like E-mail's and contact list etc, so instead of focusing on the bad guys, the government has changed their focus to.... Everyone.

  If you are looking for a needle in a hay stack then adding more hay to the stack will not help. Despite high hopes, the NSA surveillance program have not prevented any major attack, for instance one of the Boston marathon attacker was already on the list of FBI, spy agencies are pushing to cripple encryption, in 2016 the FBI asked Apple to create a backdoor to disable the encryption of an terrorist's iphone. Apple declined, not only because this tool could be used to sabotage security of millions of their customers but also as it would have opened the flood gates of requests from multiple governments around the world. A few weeks later the FBI reveled that they've hacked the phone themselves, now a days the NSA already has the capability to turn on your phone's mic or camera without you noticing.

  There are many people according to whom if they have nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear, this type of thinking create's nothing but environment of apperation, wanting to keep certain part of our lives private doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong . Right now we live in a democracy but imagine the damage the wrong person could do with all of our private data in his control. Anti-terrorism laws allow authorities the interrogate and punish non-terrorism related events more aggressively, these powers might not be used against you right not but they might be in the future. 

    After the 2015 Paris bombing, the French government gave authority's extensive power to put people under house arrest and conduct raids, and within a few weeks it was found that the authorities were misusing their powers and liberty to crush environmental protest and much more.

  So what do you think of this mass surveillance issues, and how we as  citizens can improve the system.

  Here is a list of all the different spy programs from government's all around the world.


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