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   Gamer's have came a long way, and the game's have have kept up with their community. But recently the game and the gaming community is constantly being misunderstood by the main stream media and by the non-gamer population, and with time there has been a lot of misconceptions and myths which developed over the years. This myths needs to be addressed


This is probably one of the biggest of these myths. Games started to gain main stream traction mainly in the 1980's, and most of the early games like Spacewar, Pong and  Mario were mainly targeted towards kids, but since then the community has grown up and so have the games. Most of the AAA title games like GTA V, DOOM and Hitman are rated "Mature" due to presence of explicit content, the average age of  today's gamer is between 30-35 there are a lot more adults playing video games then kids. This misconception could have also been due to the popularity of the mobile games, the mobile games a part of video game community but this platform do'not represent the community as a whole.


Again, this is just another old misconception which has been carried on with time. well, i don't necessary believe the reports which state "50% of gamer's are female" but there are a lot of female gamer's out there, i personally know a lot of girls who love playing PUBG and are really good at it, maybe this ratio would be different in different countries, but overall there are a lot of female gamer's.


This is something that has been bothering gamer's  for quite a while, this opinion is mainly given by the press people and the main stream media, this are mainly the more elderly people who have little to no idea about today's games. Most of the research out there prove that violence in video game is not same as violence in the real world, although there are a few papers out there saying otherwise but there are so few and also not reliable. The most important thing is for parents of young kids to be aware of what games you buy your kids, maybe check if  it is rated  mature, or even read a few reviews as there is a reason for those games to be rated "Mature".


This is a debatable topic, but more recent games like Bioshock  and  Last of us  are really good story tellers and are considered as piece of art by many people, earlier most of the games were simple shooters or runners, but today the games allow you to discover and a few games offer you concepts where you can impact what happens in the story, also games like GTA gives you an open world experience, this allows the creator to express their emotions through the medium of games, and games allows the players to completely immerse themselves into the experience that the creator wanted to give.


Unless you throw away all of your work/responsibility and sit in front of the screen or tens of hours, games are not a waste of time, now a days there are a lot of great educational games out there which help kids and even adults to learn and accumulate more knowledge about various things like everyday chemistry and physics, games like Universe sandbox helps  you learn a great deal about the physics of how universe works.

All being said, these are my thoughts on gaming myths and misconceptions, i would love to hear your thoughts below. 

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