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In recent years, a fear has emerged, a fear that the automation and A.I. is going to take over most of the jobs and there'll be mass unemployment, this is a legit threat to mainly factory workers, drivers &  most of the people with low skilled jobs. These jobs are already been replaced by bots, as bots are more efficient than human's, they don't get lazy or sleepy and they make a lot less mistakes as compared to humans, so for an employer it's a bot is an better option then a human.

There is an argument that robots have came before and taken jobs of factory workers, and they always get more skilled and get a better jobs,  new technologies has taken over many low skilled jobs but also at the same time created more and better jobs, so what's different this time.?

This time automation has come along with A.I.(artificial intelligence)  and M.L.(machine learning).  This makes a huge difference as with A.I. machines could teach themselves new tasks that humans   do and figure out to do that job themselves more efficiently and better.

 For example, self driving car's and not a future thing,  they are here and it's just a matter of time before they start taking the job's of all drivers.

Later on, as it gets  better with time it will start taking over more and more complex jobs, due to this there could be an imbalance in the economy as on one hand the manufacturer and entrepreneurs would be making more money than ever and on other hand employees would have lost their jobs and have no money to buy the products made by the companies.

There is a solution to this problem with UBI (universal basic income), but it is a topic for another article. For now we don't have no immediate danger but as time passes, the competition(bots)  will get more and more relevant and at some point the A.I.  Will reach a singularity where it is able to improve itself exponentially at a rate at which humans are no match for it,  at that time we would have no control over it and we could just hope for best,  but this kind of situation is something we won't have to worry for decades.

So do you think bot's would take over yoir jobs..?  


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