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Internet, you might have heard about it lately, you are using it right now. The internet is something that all of us use on a daily bases, most of us earn a living through it, but very few people know about how this revolutionary product was created and what is the story behind it.

In order to truly understand how the internet came into existence we have to go way back to the year 1957, before 1957 the computer's were able to do only a single task at a time, this was very ineffective and the computing power available at that time was not enough to handle multiple data exchanges, and as the computer were very huge and had to stored in large air conditioned room so they weren't easily excess able by developers, so a remote connection was needed to be made. On October 4th 1957 the first un-manned satellite (Sputnik) was launched by the Soviet Union, and in order to prove it's lead in technology America, it founded the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) in February 1958,  this was a huge network for transferring data an later on this network became the ARPANET.

ARPANET's development began in 1966, in the early days the universities  were hesitating to connect directly to the mainframe so they connected the mainframe with small computers. These small computers were knows as IMP (Interface Message Processor), the IMP  took control of  the networking and the mainframe was just used for the purpose of initializing programs and the data files, since the IMP's were only connected with other IMP's this connection was known as "IMP subnet".For the first connection's between computer's the Network Working Group developed the NCP (Network Control Protocol), Later on the NCP was replaced by the more efficient TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) , the NPL (National Physical Network) network's in England was made upon financial bases a lot of traffic and data transfers were expected, and in order to avoid blockage in the lines the sent files/data was divided in smaller packets which were put together at the receiving end, this cycle of breaking and making of files/data is known as Packet Switching.

CYCLADES computer network was developed in France in the early 1970's, It was one of the pioneering networks experimenting with concept on Packet Switching, it was developed to explore the alternatives to ARPANET design, the main focus of  CYCLADES development was on communication with other networks, and thus the term "Internet" was born, which was  short form of "Inter network" which basically meant a network of network's.

Later on the phone company's built their X.25 protocol which enabled communication through their server's in exchange of monthly basic charges. DARPA's  Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) based on connecting the computer's through gateway. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) designed the OSI (Open System Interconnection) reference model, the specialty of the OSI model was that it consisted of  standardizing the network's from it's ends which means that there was no more need of gateways and each computer was connected with the other computer's directly without any intervention during a communication, this was the the beginning of the era of modern Internet.

Later on many modification's and major break-through's took place before we got the internet that we use today, but those are the topic's for an another time, so  what are your thought's on the creation of the internet and what would you do in there were no internet.?  


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