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We all use YouTube for various reasons like entertainment, learning, news etc but have you ever given a thought about how a website created by 3 friends for some fun purpose about a decade ago was able to conquer traditional media.?

YouTube was created by 3 former PayPal employees Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.  It was officially registered on February 14th 2005 ( about 13 years ago), the idea to create YouTube struck the trio when they saw Janet Jackson's super bowl wardrobe malfunction incident and wanted to share it but then they realized that there was no easy way to share or find videos it was then they thought of creating YouTube, the YouTube at it's infancy was operated from a room above a pizza shop in California. After hearing their idea they got an investment of $11.5 million from Sequoia capital. The first ever video was uploaded on YouTube on April 23 2005 named "Me at zoo", it was an 19 second video uploaded by Jawed Karim.

After this the site gained people's attention and took off, it grew exponentially and much later Google took notice of YouTube's success and bought it at a whooping $1.6 billion in the year 2006, since then a lot has changed like in 2009 YouTube started HD videos, YouTube RED has been announced which is YouTube's own streaming service, they recently also announced YouTube TV which their take on traditional Television services but at an less price, as of now there are only a few states in USA where YouTube TV is available. and as of now YouTube also supports features like 360 videos, live videos and much more.

 But as time passed with YouTube's growing community came many problems like the recent "adpocalypse" where the advertisers pulled all of their ads off the whole platform because a few of their ads were shown on some in-appropriate videos \, since then YouTube is being much more strict with their monetization policy, due to this many of the good creators are being affected, also the new policy that YouTube made in 2018 for new creators which states that in order to make a channel monetizable, one has to have 1000 subscribers and should complete the threshold of 4000 hours of watch minutes, this policy might discourage new creators from coming up. 

With all this demonetization and issues like the recent Logan Paul controversy pose a serious threat to the future of YouTube but even then with a little bit of improvement it has the potential to go a long way as right now YouTube is the 3rd most visited site in the world after Google & Facebook, also it has one of the biggest user base in the world, so it has a lot more to improve and a lot more to grow.

So what do you think YouTube needs to improve and what are the things that YouTube does right.? 

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