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A.I. (artificial intelligence) is getting a lot of attention now a day.  but what actually does A.I. mean and how is it useful.....?
There are various type of uses of A.I. in various fields. One simple example of application is the assistant on your like google assistant, siri or cortana, these are some basic examples of A.I.

Artificial intelligence uses achine learning to learn and understand different things  David Cope created an AI called Emily Howell that managed to become well known in the field of Algorithmic Computer Music. The algorithm behind Emily Howell is registered as a US patent.The AI Iamus created 2012 the first complete classical album fully composed by a computer.Other endeavors, like AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist), focus on composing symphonic music, mainly classical music for film scores. It achieved a world first by becoming the first virtual composer to be recognized by a musical Professional association. 

Also A.I. programmes like Google's "Deepmind" and "alpha go" which recently was in headlines as it was able to defeat best humans in the game of GO which is considered one of the most complex games. Also with Elon Musk's Open AI a group of AI developers have been able to beat the world champion of DOTA, which is also a game of many complexities.

IBM has created an A.I. programme called "Watson" which can identify your disease depending on your condition and can also prescribe medicines. A.I. is also been very useful in autonomous vehicle like one being used in Tesla cars.

With advancements being made in A.I. field and the keep getting better at doing different stuff that humans do, sometimes even better than us humans, this make us think about A.I. taking over our jobs and leaving humans unemployed , this is a topic for another time so stay tuned for more tech related stuff.....!

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