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Recently SAMSUNG launched it's newest up coming flagship smartphone, the "Galaxy S9". As usual, Samsung was again able to launch a really great phone, but is it good enough to make you switch from your current phone.!

Without a doubt, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are going to be among the best phones of the year. The camera of the S9 was the main attraction, this year Samsung has done some amazing improvements to ins cameras, one of the major changes was the Variable Aperture, basically what it means is that it can change it's aperture depending on the lighting and the type of picture you want to capture. If you want to take pictures in wide day light then you keep the aperture at 2.4 or if you are in a low light condition then you can crank it upto 1.5 , this variable aperture is a new feature in the smartphone game, also it uses a new/better sensor.

Apart from the camera there's not much that has had a major change, except for the speakers, for the first time Samsung has added stereo speaker's to it's flagship smartphone, which is a good thing. Most of the things are pretty much the same, the screen is almost as same as S8 just a bit brighter ( and it's already a pretty good screen ). The battery is the same as the Galaxy S8, which is a bummer as every one was expecting a bigger battery, but to cover up for that Samsung provided wireless charging, fast charging through USB-C, IP-68 water resistance and a headphone jack which now-a-days is super rare feature in flagship smartphones.Also, this time Samsung is listening to it's consumers and this time they changed the positions of the fingerprint sensor from the awkward side position to now more comfortable position. Also Samsung added a feature known as "Aremojie" which seems like a combination of Animojie and bitmojie but just a bit weird.

The Galaxy S9 is more a evolutionary product rather than revolutionary, with every year Samsung smartphone's are getting more refined, they keep trying to push the boundaries of the Smartphone market and make their products better. The S9 and S9+  have the similar pricing as their previous generations S8 and S8+.
So is it worth upgrading .? if you have a Galaxy S8 then no, it's not that big of a change, rather it just like the Galaxy S8 but better. But if you have a S7 or older then the S9 is a pretty good upgrade
Comment below your thought on this phone.

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