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Last year Microsoft officially announced that the Windows Phone is now dead, everyone knew this was coming it was just a matter of time, but what exactly went wrong.?  Today we'll see few of the reasons which caused the downfall of the Windows Mobile platform.

The biggest reason for the demise of Windows phone was it's lack of a wide application ecosystem, Windows store did have quite a lot of apps but that number was nowhere near as of Apple's app store or of Google's play store. We can't really blame Microsoft for that, they were very late to the smartphone game, by the time they entered, the market was already  being dominated by ios and Android, so it was simple logic for developers, as at that time 42% of market was owned by android, 38% was owned by ios and only about 4-6% was covered by Windows Mobile, so very few of the developer's were ready to make apps for Windows store.

There were many other reason for downfall of Windows Mobile platform like acquisition of nokia which was already a failing company in the mobile industry and due to their heavy emphasis on making budget oriented phones,  the specifications offered in most of  their phones were very minimalistic and due to this the developer's weren't able to get the best performance out of the Windows OS.

There are many other minor reasons for this, so what do you think Microsoft could have done to save the Windows Phone, and have you ever tried a Windows phone if yes, how was your experience..?  Comment below.  

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