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Razer recently announced the Razer Phone, just after the over hyped iphone X,  and it might be stealing some of iphone X's thunder.

Consisting of a 5.7" IPS display which is capable of 120Hz refresh rate, just like the  2017 ipad pro's which is a complete eye candy coz it's just so buttery smooth. However, it comes at 90Hz buy default to save battery but you can change it to 60Hz, 90Hz, or the sweet 120Hz.

Gaming is where this phone shines, it has a snapdragon 835 chip set, 8 gigs of ram, and in this day and age of shrinking bezzle's, it has thick bezzle's, but it justify's it buy providing one of the best front firing speakers in any phone, which supports dolby atmos,  Razer having a reputation in gaming industry, is working with various developers to make games compatible with their 120Hz display

This phone has a 4000mAh battery to power this  beast.  This phone also consists of a pair of decent dual cameras, (but who is going to buy a razer phone for photography)

Of course this phone has a few cons like, to fit in this much power and great speakers in such a small device they had to sacrifice the headphone jack and water resistance, and also there is no wireless charging.

But for a starting price of $700, this could be a competitive produce to apple,  google and Samsung.

So what are your thoughts on this device...? 

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