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 IMac Pro will be available for buying within a month,  but should you really buy this expensive but beautiful piece of hardware....?

There could be a debate about buying a IMac Pro or to wait for the "modular"  Mac Pro which apple is working on according to their statement,  but we do need to consider a few things before coming to a conclusion. 

The IMac Pro is available in about a month (in December) but there is no confirm date of arrival of the Mac Pro,  according to apples statement about the Mac Pro, it's not coming in 2017 but they did not tell weather it's coming in 2018 or later, so we could be waiting for over a year. 

Also, the IMac Pro is a complete package whereas in case of the Mac Pro everything has to be bought separate which is a significant raise in the total cost. Apple is also to release a "Apple cinema display"  along side the Mac Pro,  buying the Mac Pro + a display + keyboard and everything else would be lot more expensive than the IMac Pro. 

The Mac Pro would be modular,  which means you can modify it however you want,  on the other hand the IMac Pro is not at all upgradeable, and you are stuck with the specs with which you buy it.  One other alternative could be buying a fully maxed out IMac which costs under $4500 -  $5000 which has 64 gigs of ram,  a 5k display,  and 8 gigs of radion pro 580 Vram. 

But the biggest selling point of the IMac Pro is that it's "space gray"  which looks beautiful. 

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