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APPLE has recently stated focusing on augmented reality. Like at WWDC 2017 at the keynote of ios 11 they announced the AR kit, which would help the developers to develop apps using the AR capabilities of the iphone and ipad, "METAL" as also an important part of the AR experience given by APPLE

 They also showed off their AR kit by demonstrating an AR based game called "The Machine". The demo was given by the developers of the game, many more interesting apps have been using this AR function of iphone, like ikea to try and figure out how the furniture will look in the house before we buy it, and sky guide is another great example of good use of the AR capabilities of iphone.

And finally for gaming, there would be a lot of  AR based games in coming time and the hardware of the new iphone's is capable to handle AR intensive game's. So it seems like AR is the way to go for APPLE and i have no idea what amazing games and apps the developers would be able to make with the AR kit.

To compete the AR kit from APPLE, GOOGLE announces it's own AR core for its developers to create AR based apps and games for android. I'm really excited to see the amazing creation made using both of this platforms.

Do comment below what you think about the AR development and do you like it......?

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