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Unless you have a lot of money,  or you own an old phone, its not a relevant upgrade,  if you have the iPhone 7, then you might wanna wait for the x/10.
You already know what the new iPhone 8 has to offer, I'm not saying that it's a bad phone,  in fact it's one of the best phone of the year,  if you buy it than you wont regret it, but its not highly advisable to buy iphone 8 when an even better iphone is about to come.
But if you are on a bit of a budget then iphone 7 is now a really good deal with the price lowered down,  the 7 is still a great phone,  so which one are you gonna buy...? 

Anyway, the new iphone dose have new and better camera- it won't be on the spec sheet but the bigger sensor performs much bettter than the one on the 7. The A-11 BIONIC chip is much more efficient and power full then the previous generation. The new portrait camera feature is awesome.

The new AR support that Apple is trying to get better in, seems to be great. And the facial recognition on the iphone X is much much better then Touch ID (so says apple). But the iphone X has a hard impact on the sales of iphone 8 , so there is no delays on delivery dates of the 8. 

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